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Our Unique Strains

Our cannabis strains have been carefully selected and cultivated to provide a wide range of beneficial effects and flavors. With options ranging from Indica to Sativa and Hybrids, our strains offer something for everyone, whether you’re seeking relaxation, pain relief, or a burst of creative energy.

Oreo Cake​

Bred by Shaun Cron, Oreo Cake is a cross of Oreoz and wedding Cake. The parent strain Oreoz has proven to be a pretty good breeder, as she adds an extreme amount of trichome coverage to everything she touches, while the wedding cake adds a subtle sweet, creamy gas to the backend of the exhale.

Peanut Butter Breath

Bred by Thug Pug Genetics, a cross of Do-si-dos and Mendo Breath F2. She gets her bud structure from the Do-si-do’s and her smell and boost in trichome production from the Mendo Breath F2. The terpene profile is a nice balance of earthy and musty, and the effects are very euphoric. This will be our only harvest of Peanut Butter Breath here at LIFTED so get it while it lasts.

Honey Banana

Honey Banana, is one of our most sativa leaning cultivars, as well as one of the loudest and most unique terpene profiles on our menu. The smell is the most banana smelling profile that we’ve come across in cannabis. Her smell is like honey drizzled banana Laffy Taffy, with a slight berry background, which transfers perfectly to flavor. The lineage is a cross of two of DNA Genetics’ strains, Strawberry Banana (aka Strawnana) and Honey Boo Boo. This particular selection was made by Harry Palms of Bloom Seed Co. and bred by Elemental Seeds.​

Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity is a cross of the famous GMO cut of Chem Cookies crossed to Oreoz, and was bred by Shaun Cron. The Zero Gravity takes some of the best qualities from both parents, the smell, flavor and buzz from the GMO and the trichome production from the Oreoz. If you aren’t familiar with the smell of the GMO, its an absolutely foul garlic/ammonia/gasoline scent with zero sweetness at all. The buzz is heavy body, couch lock type good for the end of a long day.​


Do-si-do’s is personal favorite here at Lifted Microgrowery. It’s a cross of OGKB Cookies and Face-Off OG, bred by Fletcher of Archive Seeds, in collaboration with NorCal ICmag who gave him the OGKB Cookies for the project. NorCal ICmag received 1/2 of the seeds produced and subsequently hunted and selected this particular phenotype which is now known as the NorCal ICmag cut. A heavy hitting smoke with a very nice, well balanced mix of gassy, doughy, goodness.​

Dulce De Uva

Dulce De Uva is a specific phenotype of Grape Cream Cake F1, which is Ice Cream Cake 5 x Grape Pie Wedding Crasher, and was bred and selected by Harry Palms of Bloom Seed Co.

Dulce De Uva has a great bag appeal and buzz, but what makes her stand out to us is her smell and flavor. A mix of grape and sugary sweetness that we think closely resembles grape Pixi Stix.

Blue Dream

Here’s one for our old school genetic lovers. One of our longest held cultivars we have here at LIFTED is our Santa Cruz Blue Dream. We acquired her around 2012 from a friend’s brother who grew outdoor in northern California. Being a sativa dominant cross of Blueberry and Super Silver Haze, Blue Dream is a great daytime smoke with subtle notes of berry and peppery spice.​

Bolo Runtz​

A cross of Gelato 33 and Zkittlez, this cross has an extremely loud scent of candy and gas that translates very well to flavor. The original Runtz strain became so popular that a lot of people began naming and re-naming other unrelated strains with the Runtz moniker attached to help sell it. This made a lot of people think that they didn’t like Runtz or that Runtz wasn’t very good, simply because they never really tried the genuine article. But when you smoke this you’ll see what all the fuss is about. With a great buzz, extreme trichome production, and very intense flavor profile, you’ll soon be a big fan.

Sherb Cream Pie​

This cultivar is a cross of Ice Cream Cake and Sherb Bx1, bred by Seed Junky Genetics. This particular phenotype was selected and generously shared with the community by Bonez Grown. This plant throws huge colas of frosty, purple goodness and her smell and flavor is heavily influenced by the Sunset Sherbet in her lineage. We have other Sherb types on the menu, but none that quite have this profile. Less gas and more sweet, fruity and floral notes. As with most of our strains here at LIFTED, her scent transfers very well to flavor.​


A cross of two very nice strains in they’re own rights, Lemon Tree and Gelato 41. The Lemon Tree parent dominates the terpene profile making for a very citrusy, lemony smell and flavor, but with a bit more of a complex gassy and floral backend from the Gelato41. Originally brought to market by a company called Connected, Gelonade has won a few awards over the last few years, including 1st place sativa at the High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam in 2018.​

Permanent Marker

Now this strain is relatively new to the scene, being selected and released by Doja Exclusive in the summer of 2022, but she’s already made some noise and won some awards since then. Bred by Seed Junky Genetics, Permanent Marker’s lineage is (Biscotti x Jealousy) x Sherb Bx. If you are looking for unmatched potency and flavor, this is the one for you.​

Moon Band

This strain is actually from a seed release from Archive Seeds called Space Walker, which is (headband x dosidos) X Moonbow 75, but this particular phenotype was nicknamed Moon Band. The smell and flavor of this cut is its strong point.. cheesy, musky, and a little gas. It’s definitely a step away from anything else you are going to find in the market today.. unique and LOUD. ​

Lemon Cherry Gelato​

This strain has a bit of a mystery back-story, but as far as we know the exact lineage is up for debate, as well as the original breeder. We can say that the California based brand Backpack Boyz definitely popularized it. Our guess, based of smell and flavor, is it’s a Runtz cross of some sort. The terpene profile is similar to Runtz, with the candy and gas mix, but an added fruity/cherry like quality. Although this flower is a very nice smoke, this strain originally wasn’t going to be brought into LIFTED because the flower structure and bud to leaf ratio makes it a very slow trim, as well as we already planned on having Bolo Runtz with the candy terpene profile. But through a mislabel situation we ended up with 4 plants of LCG in our 1st harvest. This strain didn’t get backed up so this will be your only opportunity to try our Lifted grown Lemon Cherry Gelato. And it ended up being the best round of it for us to date.


RS-11 was bred by Deo of Deep East. The lineage is Pink Guava x Sunset Sherbet. The Pink Guava is actually a OZ Kush F2, because it’s the results of breeding a brother and sister plant from the same generation of OZ Kush. Once those seeds were mature, 100 were germinated to find a special male plant. That special Pink Guava male was then bred into the legendary Sunset Sherbet clone, and thus, the Rainbow Sherbet line was born. Deo then went through 100 of those seeds to find the now famous RS-11 strain we have here.

With the OZ Kush being Zkittlez x OG Kush (Eddie Lepp), the RS-11 boasts a nice mix of Classic sherbet fruit as well as a background of candy and gas. A true west-coast hype mash up that is a very present smoke and has a euphoric, head-heavy stone.​


Zoap is bred and selected by Deo of Deep East. It is actually a backcross of the RS-11, meaning it was bred back into one of the parents. The lineage is RS-11 x Pink Guava (Pink Guava, if you remember is a special phenotype of OZ Kush). So, although it’s similar to RS-11 in some ways, it has some key differences that make her unique. Breeding the OZ Kush back into it brought out more of a Zkittlez/candy terpene profile added to the sweet sherb that the RS-11 already brought to the table. A flavor powerhouse with an upLIFTED, creative high.


Strawnana, also known as it’s original seed release name of Strawberry Banana, was bred by DNA Genetics and is a cross of Banana Kush and and a special strawberry phenotype of Bubblegum. This particular selection was made by 14erBoulder, thus this cut has been known as the “14er cut”. For us personally here at LIFTED, smoking this cut was the 1st time a strawberry strain transferred the smell to taste really well, making it a truly special cultivar with a unique terpene profile and great buzz. ​

Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter is a cross of Sour Apple and Animal Cookies, is a great strain bred by Lumpy’s Flowers around 2013, which soon became one of their most popular creations to date. The terpene profile is sour fruit mixed with a subtle gas backend, and the buzz is a very sedating stone. ​

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